About Us

Herzlich Willkommen und ein Hallo! from the United Arab Emirates, specifically from Dubai. Dubai is a global metropolis with nearly 4 million residents, numerous cultures, 200 nationalities, and just as many traditions.

With the experience of more than 16 years in the fitness, sport and healthcare industry we offer the unique concept of the “Magic Triangle of Health” to organizations, teams and individuals for an enriched healthy lifestyle.

RB4 Lifestyle was founded by Bruno and Rene, two like-minded sports and health enthusiasts with the same vision. Soon, they found the third member, Dieter, who has been involved in organizing events in Dubai for a long time. Dieter has been living in the Far East for over 20 years and more than 15 years in Dubai. Bruno made the early decision to make sports the centerpiece of his life. Dieter takes the lead when it comes to organizing the all-around well-being package. Rene has always been able to share his knowledge with many enthusiastic individuals when it comes to mindset, motivation, and health. This combination aims to provide a unique experience for every participant.

RB4 Lifestyle aims to enable you to experience a healthy, conscious, and physically active life.


Our team primarily consists of trained and experienced experts who provide you with their knowledge in both theory and practice related to sports, nutrition, leisure activities, and events, ensuring fun during your vacation.

Additionally, we build your knowledge on topics that interest you through various workshops, so you can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle even after your vacation.

Furthermore, our specialists in the areas of flights, transfers, and accommodations work to ensure the best offers for you.

Florian Feustel
President and Founder


The founder and president of RB4 Lifestyle has set up camp in Dubai since 2021. His motto revolves around living a healthy and conscious life, and he sets that goal anew every day. “A healthy body enables a healthy mind.”

A brief overview of the person:

– 20+ years of professional experience
– Family-oriented and father of two children
– Entrepreneur
– Licensed personal trainer
– Motivational coach
– Nutrition consultant
– Health expert
– Public speaker

Florian Feustel
CEO and Co-Founder


The CEO and Managing Director of RB4 Lifestyle in Dubai oversees all organizational aspects of the company. His 15 years of experience in Dubai play a crucial role in RB4’s comprehensive happiness package. It’s quite common to find Dieter engaged in water sports.

Brief overview of the person:

– 30+ years of professional experience
– Passionate CxO in multiple companies
– Expertise in marketing with digital media
– Quality-conscious
– Serial entrepreneur
– Founder of several companies in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East
– Advisor in emerging technologies
– Public speaker and moderator

Rene Stöger
Director Sales & Marketing and Co-Founder


Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Rene has been living in Dubai since 2021. His passion is to “build a life from which you don’t need a vacation to recover.” Rene believes that every person deserves to lead a healthy, happy, and successful life, and RB4 Lifestyle is the key to that. With more than 1,000 trained and coached individuals on his resume, you will benefit from this wealth of experience as a participant in our program.

Brief overview of the person:

– 25+ years of professional experience
– Family man and father of 2 sons
– Multi-entrepreneur
– Certified Body Vital Trainer
– Certified Nutrition Trainer
– Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
– Lifestyle and Mindset Coach
– Speaker
– Health enthusiast